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 ‘You can make major changes in your horse simply by changing the way you think about them’.Me on Rumples white background



Services offered by Happy Horses Bitless…….


  • Riding Lessons One hour private riding lessons on your own horse at your property by a trained riding coach with 20 years experience. Horses are not provided for lessons, you must have your own horse or access to one. Lessons aim to empower riders to fully communicate with their horse safely and effectively without the use of a bit. Methods used are gentle and based on an understanding of equine behaviour, aiming at communication not domination. Both horse and rider are educated concurrently so they both advance together. All lessons are conducted in a bitless bridle or halter, no bits, spurs or whips.


  • Transitioning to Bitless Bridles – Step by step instructions on how to develop a new way of communicating with your horse that is NOT based on pain. Commencing with groundwork to re-train both you and your horse and introducing the bitless bridle in a clear, stress-free manner. Ensuring your horse fully understands pressure/release and has mastered all the important yields to ensure safe and successful bitless riding.


  • Natural Horsemanship Lessons Learn to communicate with and feel your own horse by learning the language of equus. Develop a true two way communication system with your horse whereby you both understand each other and can work together as friends. This is offered as a mobile service with you at your property.


  • Horse Training Assisting with pre-training of foals and young horses, greenbroke horses and problem behaviours. The emphasis here is in teaching the owner the skills to enable them to train their own horse, using gentleness and an understanding of horse nature. As above, a mobile service is offered.


  • Pre-Purchase Safety and Suitability Check Once you have found your new potential horse just contact me and I will come with you to assess the new prospect. The biggest decision you will ever make on your equine journey is the purchase of your horse, it pays to get it right, both for your sake and the horse.


  • Bitless Bridle Sales Bridles can be purchased here online through the ‘Buy a Bitless Bridle’ link, by calling Suzy on 0401 249 263 or in person if you live near Lismore, NSW. For local purchases there’s the option of having a private fitting and start up lesson to get you going on your bitless journey.


  • Information Service For questions and concerns about using bitless bridles on horses Suzy is more than willing to help. With over 10 years using bitless bridles at work, in private and teaching students in them she has a wealth of knowledge that she is willing to share. Just email your enquiry to

     Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc.


Effective horsemanship is about learning to truly communicate with your horse. Developing mutual trust and improving your relationship are essential steps to a healthy and happy partnership.

An understanding of horse behaviour (and human behaviour), tuning into what your horse is thinking and how to communicate to your horse using minimal aids are essential.

And listening, every moment you are with your horse, being present and open to what your horse is communicating, and being willing to change what you are doing as a result, is also necessary.

Using these tools, a human and horse together have few limits, and the joys of such a relationship are immeasurable.  




I believe we have now entered a time where we no longer need to use pain to feel safe and control our horses. After 10 years of riding and instructing students in cross-under bitless bridles, I now KNOW we don’t need to put bits in horses mouths. I’d like to share what I have learnt with you and your horses. Thank you for considering removing the bit from your horses mouth.


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